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Tracey Walks into Cromer

A couple of nights before my Poppyland concert on 23rd October I was scrolling through Facebook, as you do when I came across a post from a woman called Tracey on the local Sheringham and Cromer group. She said she was on a 12,000 mile walk around the coast the UK and would be passing through the area that weekend and was asking for things to do and people to see. Besides doing a lot of walking she was very interested in coastal communities and was very keen on meeting people and hearing about their lives and communities. I immediatly new I had to invite her to my concert as the entire project is about people and our coastal community. I was delighted when she accpeted and even more delighted when I met her as she is quite the amazing woman. I mean, to take on such a solo adventure already tells you something about her.

She was really wonderful and extrememly kind and generous. She interviews the people she meets and she did and interview with me which you can see below. I really wish I'd had more of an opportunity to hear about her journey soon after she arrived she continued her adventure 'plodding along'! I highly reccommend following her progress on Facebook, her page is called Walk with me, Tracey and Aggies Epic hike around the UK Coastline @TracenAggie2020 it is quite fascinating. She carries everything on her back including her tent which she named Aggie! She is also a poet and she is raising money for MIND charity.

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