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Poppyland Songs LIVE in Concert in Cromer 2021

On 23rd October I had the great pleasure to perform a concert of my previously composed and arranged works from the Poppyland project as a part of Cromer Artspace Festival in Cromer.

Thanks to Arts Council Englands grant I was also joined by 4 brilliant and very local musicians.

The marvelous Ivan Mcready from King's Lynn, the fantastic Jon Payne on piano from Sheringham, the infamous Keith Hobday from Overstrand and my extraordinary sister Evie Anderson from Cromer. They all agreed fairly last minute to do the concert and it was really beautiful hearing these songs brought to life by such great musicians.

For this performance of Poppyland Songs I really wanted people to know the full stories behind all the songs so I also created films for every song which contained all the lyrics as well as photos and history. Using a projector and trying to keep us all in time was a new level of technology for me but I was also assisted by the wonderful Ed Raison who kept the sound and lighting beautifully balanced.

If you would like to watch the concert in full (including interval!!) then I live streamed the event on Facebook and the video is available below. Be warned Live streams seem to film in mirror image so everything is back to front so no I'm not playing left handed viola!! It doesn't help for reading the lyrics either! I shall be releasing all the songs, with lyrics as a podcast and a vodcast (video podcast) shortly. Also hopefully my podcast will be broadcast on the brand new community radio station, Poppyland Radio. Watch this space. Or better still, join my mailing list and follow me on FB and INSTAGRAM for updates and news. @bertiebow

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