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I received the best news in October, Arts Council England are awarding me with a grant for Poppyland Songs; A Rural Idyll


This project was inspired by my Great Great Aunt's journals from 1912-1914. She interviewed people living in the tiny village of Sidestrand where I also grew up. Within these journals are stories, songs, local lore and general life as told to her by these mostly very rural people. A beautiful window into life back then from the mouths of people who would otherwise have have been lost to time. These journals inspired me to compose music and research more about the area I grew up in.

I'm so excited to take the next step and continue Kit's work and use todays residents' testimony to inspire more music and song celebrating life on a cliff edge. If you are interested in taking part then please get in touch.

Contact me on social media @bertiebow

Email; poppylandsongs@gmail.com

Send me a letter!

The Belfry Centre, Overstrand, Norfolk NR27 0NT

If you would like to hear more about Poppyland songs then you can watch the live streamed footage of the recent performance in Cromer on 23rd October then please visit my BLOG or go to my FaceBook page @bertiebow




Bowjangle is taking Dracula in Space on tour! All dates and info on Bowjangles website- www.bowjangles.org.



I've started to understand what 'being a musician' really means to me. So deeply embedded, I've always taken it for granted.
Songs from Poppyland Project. Live shows in September and October.