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I'm currently working on my new album TILT inspired by the seasons. I am releasing a song a month for 12 months. The first two songs celebrating Spring time and April & May "Something New" and "To Life" are now availble to download from BandCamp.

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New Year, New Plans! This year, Bowjangles are going back to our street performing roots with several street festivals and creating a new/old street show. But don't fear, Dracula in Space is also on tour in theatres across the UK so we'll be getting the best of both worlds. We will also be releasing the album of Dracula in Space in the spring to coincide with the first leg of our UK tour. Check out

In my spare time I am working on my new album TILT with a plan to release a track a month from the spring onwards. Each song is inspired by each month of the year and the seasons.


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The Belfry Centre, Overstrand, Norfolk NR27 0NT




Bowjangles is on tour with Dracula in Space. All dates and info on Bowjangles website-



I've started to understand what 'being a musician' really means to me. So deeply embedded, I've always taken it for granted.
Songs from Poppyland Project. Live shows in September and October.


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